for reasons that are my own, i’m taking a few steps back from fandom for a little while and won’t be using this blog during that time. if you’d like to still talk to me, you can find me on my non-kpop twitter @filmaslife and on my other tumblr lilcoffeeghost

to those wondering about tmbtp, it’s not dead. my writing partner, el - ricebowls, has been hit with a bad case of writer’s block and it’s something we’re trying to work through. i hope you understand and i hope that you’ll still be with us whenever we return.

as for my own projects, i’ll be focusing on some original writing, though i’ll probably still post/update fics if that’s where the mood takes me. hope you guys stick with me, too <333


BIGBANG is like kids who don’t listen to others. We take paths that others don’t take on purpose. When we look back on ourselves, we want to be proud. -G-Dragon
19.08.14 Happy 8 Years, BIGBANG!